Circular scale-ups will drive that change

This gives great opportunities for innovative, technology-driven entrepreneurs in the construction industry. But only those that scale will drive that change. Excellent scale-ups are required, and together we must increase their chances of success by creating the right context. Only then the construction market will transfer into a circular one!

You can be a part of
this success

Join Circular@Scale, a dedicated program for scale-ups and their business partners to trailblaze the circular economy by entrepreneurship.

“All masterclasses managed to strike exactly the right tone, and had one red thread through them: How do you avoid becoming a stall-up? Go back to the basics: who are you, take the time, reflect, and focus.”

– Madaster

“The sessions gave great energy, brought movement and clarity. And connections.”

– Boom Builds

“The content is very educational and exactly in line with what we need. The biggest challenge now is actually implementing that information, as a next step.”

– Studio Solarix

“It was certainly a successful and interesting session. There is a lot of knowledge and innovation in this group.”

– Utrecht University

“The whole ecosystem needs to be
onboard to make a change.”

22 May

Today we’ve connected Sustainer Homes, BOOM builds, Madaster Netherlands, and Studio Solarix to our landmark co-creator and housing corporation Ymere during our Market Innovation Day around Ymere’s new project ‘Flexonen’.

9 May

How to break through traditions in the construction industry? As a young venture there are several things you need to become a success. Whether it’s a contractor or a real estate developer. Good collaboration is key.

12 Mar raised a € 2,5 million seed round to bring automatic building inspection to the United Kingdom. As such, this European market leader can bring their AI powered image recognition into international markets.