“Circular economy is about partnerships and common sense to move forward as an ecosystem.”

Florent Maccario, Sr Researcher at ScaleUpNation
Florent is responsible for conducting research on circular construction as part of the programme (workstream 1). His work aims to highlight best practices and success factors for scaling in the built environment sector.

How to overcome the barriers to a circular construction sector

For more than a year, we investigated the challenges that scale-ups face in the rather traditional construction industry. As summarized in our latest white paper on “Circular Economy at Scale”, we found various barriers to scaling in circular construction, and have made it our job to translate them into success factors.

During the third edition of the annual ‘Nationale Conferentie Circulaire Economie’ by the Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat, we’ve hosted a masterclass on exactly this topic.

“Collaboration & entrepreneurship will lead a long way.”

Meet Marije Pronk, Consultant at Kirkman Company
Marije is a consultant at Kirkman Company. For Circular@Scale she is responsible for creating meaningful partnerships for the circular landmarks of the future, and guiding organizations towards successful circular commissioning.

“Only through innovation and entrepreneurship can the construction industry become more circular.”

Meet Robert Oushoorn, Program Director of ScaleUpCircular
Robert is program director of ScaleUpCircular, the program organised by ScaleUpNation to support circular scale-ups in their growth. He now applies his 25 years of experience as a corporate board-room consultant to help scale-ups achieve transformative accelerated growth.

These are the circular building and construction powerhouses of the future

Building and construction represent some of the most resource intensive and pollutive industries out there. But a bold new cohort of young, innovative ventures is showing us what a sustainable, circular future could look like.

“Entrepreneurs are essential in the transition towards a circular economy”

Our newest white paper focusses on the construction sector and to what extent boosting scale ups could be a needed intervention in transforming to a circular economy.

“We will not be able to change this huge industry unless we collaborate.”

Meet Menno van Dijk, CEO and Founder ScaleUpNation Menno is a big believer in the success factors for scale-up ventures in circular construction. As founder and CEO of ScaleUpNation, he embraces the entrepreneurial power.
After being a director at McKinsey and co-founder of THNK, the school for creative leadership, he started ScaleUpNation to support innovative enterprises that have societal impact.

“I want to make The Netherlands 100% circular.”

Meet Wouter van Twillert, Program director Circular@Scale.
Wouter has a passion to make the Netherlands 100 % circular with initiatives like C-creators and Circular@Scale. He believes in entrepreneurship as the key to success.

“The whole ecosystem needs to be
onboard to make a change.”

22 May

Today we’ve connected Sustainer Homes, BOOM builds, Madaster Netherlands, and Studio Solarix to our landmark co-creator and housing corporation Ymere during our Market Innovation Day around Ymere’s new project ‘Flexonen’.

9 May

How to break through traditions in the construction industry? As a young venture there are several things you need to become a success. Whether it’s a contractor or a real estate developer. Good collaboration is key.

12 Mar

Spotr.ai raised a € 2,5 million seed round to bring automatic building inspection to the United Kingdom. As such, this European market leader can bring their AI powered image recognition into international markets.