After studying geography and sustainability in France, Florent helped public and private organisations as a consultant in Paris to embark on the circular economy’s journey. Florent now aims to help scale-ups to collectively change the construction industry.

What do you hope Circular@Scale will bring to the construction market?

I hope that the program will contribute to refreshing this old-fashion market.

Why is a program like Circular@Scale important?

This type of program provides a whole set of tools for the ventures to scale after participating in the program. If they scale, they will certainly help to change the attitude of the actors in the value chain towards circular solutions. This might be the starting point for a profound change in the construction industry.

Why should partners from the ecosystem join?

They would otherwise miss a huge opportunity to align with today’s objectives. As pioneers, scale-ups in circular economy must benefit from the confidence and investment (not only financial) of contractors. Partnership is more important in circular economy ecosystem than anywhere else.

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