With a diverse background in psychology and business transformation, as well as years of experience transforming both public and private organizations, Marije identifies the leverage points needed for true change.


What do you hope Circular@Scale will bring to the construction market?

Tons of inspiration and the bravery to shake up old traditions! I believe Circular@Scale will set a new tone among industry leaders and empower relevant stakeholders to take crucial steps towards circularity.

Why is a program like Circular@Scale important?

It takes a dedicated program to uncover all challenges from various perspectives, in order to start tackling them and working together towards a common goal. This is what is needed in the construction industry to become more and more circular.

Why should partners like landmark co-creators and contractors join?

The cohort of scale-ups form a unique collection of innovations within multiple sectors of construction. There’s outstanding talent among these scale-ups, and a real appetite to do (& build) differently. Working with them will ensure to be part of a real breakthrough in the Dutch circular economy and will make partners

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