From market barriers to success factors

Guido Braam shared more in-depth insights into how the Circular@Scale program came to life after these discoveries in the research. Explaining how these market barriers are expressed and how to turn them into success factors, ensures that entrepreneurs can (and should!) still be successful in the circular construction world.

Behind the scenes: recording the masterclass at C-Bèta






For the second part of the masterclass, Marloes van Heteren from Studio Solarix joined the conversation to share own story and discuss how they experience these barriers in real life. Studio Solarix is one of the scale-ups in the Circular@Scale program, and their Solar Design Expertise has surely made their story a successful one.

“Innovation can be tough. The construction client usually wants to do things the traditional way. Since what we know poses less risks than what we don’t.” (Marloes van Heteren)

We are looking forward to continuously breaking down the market barriers in the construction industry in order to pave the way for circular construction together with our partners.

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“Circular economy is about partnerships and common sense to move forward as an ecosystem.”

Florent Maccario, Sr Researcher at ScaleUpNation
Florent is responsible for conducting research on circular construction as part of the programme (workstream 1). His work aims to highlight best practices and success factors for scaling in the built environment sector.

“Collaboration & entrepreneurship will lead a long way.”

Meet Marije Pronk, Consultant at Kirkman Company
Marije is a consultant at Kirkman Company. For Circular@Scale she is responsible for creating meaningful partnerships for the circular landmarks of the future, and guiding organizations towards successful circular commissioning.