What is your background?

I was involved in the founding of C-creators  about 3 years ago. C-creators helps to speed up the transition towards a more circular built environment in the Metropolitan region of Amsterdam. Since then the organization has grown to a team of 10 ambitious and motivated people. We work on projects in the construction sector together with our ever growing community.

What do you hope Circular@Scale will bring in the market?

I hope that the participating scale-ups will experience a growth beyond their expectations. Both on a business level and on an organizational scale. And as a result, these scale-ups will become role models for the entire construction sector driving a change that is long overdue.


Why is a program like Circular@Scale important?

Scale-ups in the circular economy often fight an uphill battle. They cannot focus on growing their business and organization, they often also have to convince clients of the need for circularity. This comprehensive program aims to create a more favorable context for these scale-ups to increase their chances for success. Not just for themselves, but as an example for all other circular scale-ups out there.

What do the scale-ups gain?
Scale-up can grow their business and impact; They get hands-on coaching and an educational programs and help with their strategic and operational challenges to scale.

Why should partners like Landmark co-creators and construction contractors join?
That really depends on the type of organization. If you are a large corporate you should join to learn and experience circular construction, and how to work with scale-ups. And if you have a tangible construction project, please join so we can create circular landmarks with the participating scale-ups.

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