What do you hope Circular@Scale will bring to the construction market?

My hope is that Circular@Scales helps accelerate the adoption of circularity in the construction market by proving to different stakeholders the benefits of working with young, innovative ventures and impassioned entrepreneurs.

Why is a program like Circular@Scale important?

Circular@Scale helps in overcoming the ‘multi-stakeholder problem’ that young, small ventures face who wish to make an imprint in the construction market. Circular@Scale brings together the different relevant stakeholders that are involved in decisions on construction projects. In doing so it facilitates the whole industry in its journey to circularity.

Why should partners like scale-ups join?

For scale-ups this is a unique opportunity to supercharge their growth through the tailored transformation support they will get, and the experience, contacts, and commercial opportunities gained through working with developers, architects, and landmark construction projects. Only through innovation and entrepreneurship can the construction industry become more circular – and that is what the scale-ups will bring.

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