Work in a circular economy

Deep dive into the circular economy

  • Overview of challenges & opportunities in a circular economy
  • Update on market developments



Support & Strategy

C-level ownership and support is required to translate strategy to operations

  • Identify the challenges & opportunities in your organisation
  • How to operationalise your strategy

Co-creating impact

The circular economy requires new ways of collaboration

  • Overview of innovative collaborations
  • Identify difficulties and best practices in new ways of working together in the circular economy



Train business partners

Circularity requires new capabilities and skills in procurement, finance, accounting, and project management.

  • Involve different internal business partners
  • Identify ways to embed circularity within your entire organisation

You will learn from experts, get practical tools for a new way of working and discuss your learnings with peers. Prepare your organization to be willing and able to contract circular projects and be prepared for the future.

Are you curious how you perform compared to others from the industry? Reflect on your company’s circular strategy, skills, and collaborative capabilities.



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