We are …

  • Developing a database of circular scale-ups in the Netherlands, with detailed profiling and tracking of growth.
  • Deep-diving into scale-up success factors specific to this industry through interviews and reflexive dialogues
  • Creating a handbook on ‘Best Practices for Scaling in the Circular Economy’
  • Measuring the impact baseline on the circular economy of scale-ups in our programme
  • Developing a network overview for scale-ups to engage with, consisting of experts, practitioners, and clients and developers.

Data-driven insights, tools & integrated research

The research for our latest white paper focuses on the role scale-ups play in the transition towards a circular economy. The research identifies the barriers and success factors for scale-ups in the construction industry and have provided the foundation for our program.

Do you have any questions regarding our research, or would like to contribute? Get in touch!

  • Florent Maccario
  • Senior Researcher
  • florent.maccario@scaleupnation.com