Big meets small, to become the new big.

And again, he is the driving force behind Circular@Scale, a dedicated program where scale ups and their business partners trailblaze the circular economy in the construction industry by entrepreneurship. Guido initiated the talk with Goldschmeding Foundation to start this scale-up program. Guido strongly believes that scale-ups can grow faster and change the world for the better when they are matched with existing ‘infrastructure’.

What is your background in circular economy?

I was asked to set up Circle Economy in 2012 and as an entrepreneur with the purpose to make a positive impact I saw the potential for the Circular Economy from the start. In three years as the CEO of Circle Economy I had the chance to do a deep dive in all aspects of the circular economy and set up collaborations with governments, municipalities and a wide range of companies.

I completed my temporary role at Circle Economy with the ‘NL Circular Hotspot’ campaign. The goal of this campaign was to share innovation across the world during the Dutch EU presidency in 2016. With an incoming trade mission with 140 participations from 20 countries and by handing over our vision document to our Prime Minister it was the start of an international network that is expanding to this day. In collaboration with the Social Economic Council, awareness was created at the Dutch National government which led to the mission to become fully circular in 2050.

I continued to promote the Circular Economy in the NL and abroad ever since, and shifted more and more to implementing the circular economy and starting up new businesses with the aim to make the Circular Economy the New Normal.

What do you hope (expect) Circular@Scale will bring in the market?

This could be a breakthrough in paving the way for breakthroughs. So many new circular business models have the talent to become an improved version of current linear solutions. All they need is one last push uphill to make it rock and roll. Why is a program like Circular@Scale important? We are on the verge of a new era. Our current system is strong and difficult to alter. We need new ways of working and this can only be done by introducing new players and new ecosystems not hindered by legacy.

Why should partners join?

If you think that the transition to a circular economy is going too slow: join. Your landmark project will be sparkled with solutions that will inspire you and your customers, and as a construction company this program is the perfect (and concrete!) way, to help you innovate and stay futureproof. As a scale up, this is your ticket in the fast lane to become a trailblazer. The entire program is focussed on making these breakthroughs happen.

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