These CEOs are brave enough to swim against the current and replace traditional methods with real innovation. Their new ways of working will shape the future of building and construction.

The Circular@Scale initiative has selected a cohort of scale-up companies that represent the most promising circular building and construction trailblazers in the Netherlands today. Learn about their visions and products by following our blog.


“Our mission is to make materials available forever by giving them an identity on our platform.”

Madaster’s platform solution is much more than a digital product, it is an epic and ambitious vision about the future of materials in the built world. Their approach of long term partnerships and thinking in generational terms is uncommon for such a young company and is the type of breakthrough dedication needed for a real change.

Studio Solarix

“Bright ideas for a bright future”

The Studio Solarix team innovates towards a world that is not only sustainable and circular, but beautiful. A built environment that delights people with surprising and functional design. The concept catches on like wildfire and the creative team with a commercial drive is set to transform the way our buildings look and function.

Boom Builds


“Building the future, for tomorrow”

Boom Builds understood from the start how personal architecture and buildings are, so they took an open source approach. They know the power platforms to drive collaboration and new ideas for affordable and sustainable housing. By designing for scale with a digital-first approach, learning fast and leveraging the creativity and insights of architects and partners globally they have done something no other construction company could do.

Office App


”The most advanced engagement platform for professionals in offices”

The most sustainable and circular solutions in building and construction revolve around us getting more and better use out of existing structures. The Office App team has developed a suite of tools that take tremendous complexity and cost out of building and tenant management. Especially impressive is the team’s ability to react to Covid-19 with elegant software solutions, optimizing spaces for health and safety. Their resilience, creativity and closeness with their partners gives them a head start for scaling globally.

Sustainer Homes


”Designing & developing sustainable living concepts”

Sustainer Homes has a wooden building system that allows for beautiful sustainable efficiency in the most circular building material of all. Especially impressive is their steadfast dedication to a sustainable vision – that permeates every detail of their product and design. Through experimenting with different types of customers and projects and being open to learn and adapt, they’ve consistently optimized their product to become a best-in-class solution ready for big scale.

”We help buildings to think about people with image recognition and sensors.”

Spotr, previously Octo, has created solutions that tackle a huge opportunity in circularity and health and safety – building maintenance. The team brings a unique perspective having been trained as architects with true technology vision. By working with their customers as a real partner they have stacked their innovation pipeline full of value-enhancing solutions that will fuel their momentum and expansion internationally. Their ability to work as a true team and foster a culture of innovation and learning has propelled them to impressive growth.



”We believe in sustainable innovation without compromise. Join us in changing the perspective”

Physee is a true scale-up that took an exciting and innovative concept and turned it into an award winning product and impressive innovation pipeline. It is all possible because of their laser focus on leadership, team and culture. In keeping a curious learning mindset while striving to build a strong organization, they have the momentum to move fast and scale globally. Their insights of the scaling journey provide incredible value to the other ventures in the selection.




”Join us in changing the world, one coconut at a time!”

GoodHout is an impact-driven scale-up that turns coconut husks into a bio-based composite: Coconut Husk Board. The idea behind GoodHout was born when founder Silvia ten Houten was struck by the potential of this so-called waste when travelling in Indonesia. Ever since, GoodHout’s product innovation and outstanding technology has led to many awards in the Netherlands and beyond. With a strong focus on their circular product and meticulous material science, GoodHout promises to bring a new building material to the market that is ought to scale with a purpose-driven business model.

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